Osprey Charging Expands EV Rapid-Charging Network with New Installations in Wiltshire

Osprey Charging Expands EV Rapid-Charging Network with New Installations in Wiltshire

Experience the fantastic change in electric vehicle infrastructure in Wiltshire. Osprey Charging has installed four new high-powered chargers to make it easier for residents and businesses to access.

Osprey Charging

Osprey Charging, one of the UK’s leading and fastest-growing electric vehicle rapid-charging networks, has significantly improved access to public charging in Wiltshire.

The company has installed four high-powered EV chargers behind Warminster’s Three Horseshoes Walk Shopping Centre, catering to local residents, businesses, and visitors.

The newly installed 60kW rapid charge points are compatible with every electric vehicle (EV) on the market today.

Depending on the vehicle model and battery capacity, these chargers can add 100 miles of range in 35 minutes.

This rapid charging capability ensures EV drivers can quickly and efficiently recharge their vehicles, making it more convenient to travel longer distances without extended charging breaks.

Ian Johnston, Chief Executive Officer of Osprey Charging, expressed his enthusiasm for the expansion.

He said, “The roll-out of EV charging facilities is quickly gathering pace. Osprey now has over 1,000 charge points available to use across the UK, each carefully designed to maximize space and accessibility and made to the latest and highest standards.”

Installing these new charging points in Warminster is part of Osprey’s broader strategy to support transport decarbonization in the UK.

By providing reliable and accessible charging infrastructure, Osprey is crucial in promoting the adoption of electric vehicles and reducing carbon emissions.

The Warminster site will be a vital component of the expanding recharging network, ensuring EV drivers have the necessary support to keep their vehicles powered and moving.

Local businesses and residents in Warminster have welcomed the new EV chargers, recognizing the positive impact on the community and the environment.

The accessibility of rapid charging options is expected to attract more visitors to the area, supporting the local economy and encouraging the shift towards sustainable transportation.

In addition to the technical advantages, the strategic placement of these chargers highlights Osprey Charging’s commitment to enhancing the EV charging experience.

The company’s focus on accessibility and high standards ensures users can rely on a seamless and efficient charging process.

With the continued expansion of its network, Osprey Charging is set to lead the UK’s transition to electric vehicles.

The company’s dedication to innovation and sustainability positions it at the forefront of the EV revolution, making clean and green transportation a reality for more people daily.

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