British Gas Accused of Breaking into Customer Elizabeth Garrett's Home in Northfield

British Gas Accused of Breaking into Customer Elizabeth Garrett’s Home in Northfield

Northfield: A British Gas customer has accused the energy company of breaking into her home while she was caring for her father, who was dying from pancreatic cancer. 

Elizabeth Garrett, 34, stated that British Gas debt agents entered her Northfield home “without warning,” “used her toilet without flushing,” and even made themselves a cup of tea.

Ms. Garrett has said that she struggled with her mental health in 2011, which led to her falling into debt. 

She was visiting her father in the hospital when she discovered the situation upon returning home and finding her back door off its hinges.

According to British Gas, they had attempted to contact Ms. Garrett regarding an outstanding balance and entered the home in December 2011 “under warrant” to install a prepayment meter. 

However, the part-time cleaner stated that she had informed British Gas that she could not pay the full bill and would make monthly payments, which they agreed to.

The company has responded to the allegations, stating that they have attempted to contact Ms. Garrett on multiple occasions. 

The part-time cleaner, now debt-free, expressed her distress at the situation, especially during a difficult time.

In conclusion, Ms. Garrett’s accusations have brought attention to the actions of debt collection agencies and the effects they can have on individuals during difficult times.

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