IBM UK's CEO Nicola Hodson Highlights AI Leadership at London Tech Week

IBM UK’s CEO Nicola Hodson Highlights AI Leadership at London Tech Week

During London Tech Week, Nicola Hodson, CEO of IBM UK, emphasized the UK’s role in AI. Feel free to explore the takeaways and upcoming initiatives from this tech event.


According to Nicola Hodson, the chief executive of IBM UK, London Tech Week is a prime opportunity for the UK to maintain its global leadership in artificial intelligence.

Speaking at the Kensington-based event on Monday morning, Hodson shared her excitement with City A.M. about witnessing “real-life AI in action” amidst the significant “hype and expectations” surrounding the technology.

“It is a fantastic opportunity to network among big tech, startups, and scale-ups from many countries,” she said. “And a fantastic opportunity for the UK to be center stage.”

London Tech Week kicks off tomorrow and is expected to double in size compared to last year due to “tremendous interest,” according to organizers.

The event could attract as many as 45,000 attendees over the whole week, with numerous fringe events also taking place.

Major Highlights and Speakers

Hodson will join technology leaders from NatWest and WPP to discuss how AI is being used in business and the public sector.

Other notable speakers include top executives from Microsoft UK, Google DeepMind, Mastercard, Monzo, and Darktrace.

Having led IBM’s UK division since January 2023, Hodson is bullish on the potential of AI and believes the UK’s approach to regulating the rapidly evolving technology is “smart.”

UK’s Strategic Focus for Tech Growth

Although the UK currently ranks third in the world for tech, behind the US and China, Hodson outlined three key areas where the next government must support tech companies to “accelerate” growth:

  1. Drive Economic Growth: “Number one is driving economic growth,” she emphasized.
  2. Support Startups: “Number two, we need to make sure that we are helping our startups to become scale-ups, and we are making the UK an attractive place for big companies like IBM to invest.”
  3. Focus on Emerging Technologies: “And then number three means we have got to pick some winners in terms of technology, like AI and maybe quantum computing. Moreover, we should put our wood behind the arrow in terms of building skills so that we can stay at the top and make the most of the growth,” she added.

The Importance of AI Leadership

Nicola Hodson’s enthusiasm for AI reflects a broader industry sentiment that the UK must lead AI innovation to stay competitive.

The discussions and networking opportunities at London Tech Week are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology in the UK.

Last year, attendees of London Tech Week heard from top political figures such as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, and Labour leader Keir Starmer.

This year promises to continue the tradition of influential dialogue and groundbreaking insights, reinforcing London Tech Week’s reputation as a cornerstone event in the global tech calendar.


London Tech Week is a showcase of technological advancements and a strategic platform for the UK to assert its leadership in AI and other emerging technologies.

With influential voices like Nicola Hodson leading the conversation, the event promises to deliver critical insights and foster collaborations to drive the next wave of innovation.

As the UK aims to strengthen its position on the global tech stage, events like London Tech Week are essential for maintaining momentum and ensuring that the country remains at the forefront of technological development.

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