Massive Blaze Engulfs Flats Above Shops in Kitts Green, Birmingham

Massive Blaze Engulfs Flats Above Shops in Kitts Green, Birmingham

Massive fire engulfs flats above shops in Kitts Green, Birmingham. 50 firefighters battling the blaze as road closures cause disruptions.


In the early hours of Thursday, June 15, a massive fire broke out in Kitts Green, Birmingham, engulfing flats located above shops. 

The incident prompted a swift response from the West Midlands Fire Service, with nine crews and approximately 50 firefighters dispatched. 

As the firefighters battle the blaze, authorities advise residents to stay away from the affected area due to ongoing road disruptions.

Firefighters Tackle the Blaze


At approximately 4 am, the West Midlands Fire Service received the emergency call and swiftly arrived at Lea Village Road in Kitts Green. 

The scene unfolded as firefighters confronted the flames concentrated in the low-rise flats above the adjacent shops.

Hose reel water jets were utilized to combat the fire, and the aerial ladder was deployed to access hard-to-reach areas.

Efforts to Contain the Fire

Despite the firefighters’ diligent efforts, the fire’s cause remains unknown at this time. 

The crews are determined to control and extinguish the blaze as quickly as possible. 

An ongoing assessment of the damage is being conducted, with the assistance of the police’s drone team, utilizing thermal imaging to detect any remaining hotspots within the building.

Warnings and Road Closures

Authorities are urging people to avoid the area surrounding Lea Village Road to ensure their safety and to facilitate the operation. 

The West Midlands Fire Service has stated that road closures will likely remain in effect throughout the day, causing disruptions for motorists. 

The closure spans from the junction of Filliott Road to Hurstcroft Road, effectively cutting off access to this part of Kitts Green.

Local School Adapts to the Situation

Despite the incident, Lea Forest Primary Academy has confirmed that the school operates normally. 

However, they have requested parents and pupils to allow extra time for their journeys, taking into account the ongoing fire and the potential traffic congestion caused by road closures.

Ongoing Firefighting Efforts

The fire crews arrived within a remarkable five-minute response time, demonstrating their dedication and commitment to protecting the community. 

As they continued their arduous battle against the fire, which affected the flats above the shops, the safety of residents and property preservation remained their utmost priorities.


The fire incident in Kitts Green, Birmingham, has seen a significant response from the West Midlands Fire Service, with 50 firefighters tirelessly combating the blaze. 

As investigations into the cause of the fire are still underway, authorities have advised people to avoid the area due to road closures and disruptions. 

The local school has reassured parents and pupils that it operates normally but cautioned them to account for additional travel time. 

The incident serves as a reminder of the brave efforts of firefighters and the importance of safety precautions in preventing such devastating incidents.

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