Mother and Son Sentenced for Assaulting Hairdresser Who Dated Brother

Mother and Son Sentenced for Assaulting Hairdresser Who Dated Brother

Wolverhampton, England – A mother, Zoe Emms, has been convicted of attacking a hairdresser who had previously dated her brother. 

The altercation occurred on September 10, 2020, when the victim was on her way to work at Crazy Cutz hair salon

Zoe Emms and her son Liam ambushed the victim, dragging her to the ground and kicking her in the head. 

The victim sustained cuts to her upper lip and inside her mouth, grazing to her bottom lip, and four loose teeth.

According to BirminghamLive, there had been years of animosity between Emms and the victim, stemming from a dispute over funeral costs following Emms’ brother’s death. 

Emms had become upset that the victim had “moved on” too quickly after her brother’s death.

The court heard that the victim feared being attacked by Emms and had been carrying a wheel brace for protection. 

Prosecutor John Brotherton said, “Since the funeral, there had been bad blood between the defendant and the complainant over money – funeral costs and the like.”

Zoe Emms later told police that she was upset at the victim for moving on with another man soon after her brother’s funeral.

Liam Emms, who participated in the attack, has a history of criminal activity, including robbery, attempted robbery, common assault, and theft. 

He was also in breach of a suspended sentence at the time of the attack.

Both Emms was sentenced in Wolverhampton Crown Court

Liam Emms was sentenced to four years in prison, while Zoe Emms was sentenced to 18 months.

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