Rishi Sunak's Big Challenge The Upcoming Tory Conference

Rishi Sunak’s Big Challenge: The Upcoming Tory Conference

Dive into UK politics as Rishi Sunak preps for the Tory Conference amid tax debates and party tensions. Stay tuned for drama, strategy, and the PM’s big moment!

Hey there, readers! 

Let us dive into the latest buzz from the world of UK politics. 

Rishi Sunak is gearing up for a significant event, but there is a small quantity of tension in the air. 

Here is what is going on.

All Eyes on Manchester

So, this Sunday, Rishi Sunak, the new UK Prime Minister, has his big moment: his first Conservative Party conference as the leader. 

Imagine it as a huge team meeting, and he is the captain. 

However, there is a twist: some teammates have strong opinions, and the big talk of the town? 


The Tax Debate Heats Up

London’s political grapevine is buzzing. 

Some folks within Sunak’s party are nudging him to cut taxes. 

Now, why this sudden call for tax cuts? 

A group called the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) dropped a reported bomb recently. 

They said the UK’s tax levels are the highest in 70 years! 


Liz Truss, a previous PM, did not hold back. 

She worries that high taxes might be why the UK’s economy needs to dance. 

She says: “Let us cut taxes and see the magic!” 

Priti Patel, another big name, said these sky-high taxes are too much.

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Patel

Priti Patel got a shiny title from Boris Johnson, a former PM

She has been looking at history, especially Margaret Thatcher’s time. 

Back then, Thatcher handled inflation, grew the economy, and did a ton of stuff! 

Patel thinks they need to learn a lesson or two from her.

She is annoyed with the drama within their party but keen on looking ahead. 

She dropped hints that she is not eyeing the top seat (Phew! Too much drama otherwise).

Sunak’s Playbook

Now, our man Sunak has a strategy. 

Some surveys say his party differs from the popular kid on the block. 

So, he is zooming into local stuff to win hearts. 

He makes noise about traffic rules and does not want to upset drivers. 

And a big move? 

He has delayed a ban on diesel and petrol cars from 2030 to 2035.

The Big Showdown

The Tory conference is not just another event but a big deal for Sunak. 

He has to convince the public and calm the storm within his team.

Stick around, folks. 

Politics is always exciting, and the upcoming Tory conference promises some headline-grabbing moments!

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