Student police officer guilty of pushing pregnant partner down stairs and controlling her eating

Student police officer guilty of pushing pregnant partner downstairs and controlling her eating

A student police officer, Thomas Gair, has been found guilty of controlling and coercive behavior, three counts of assault causing actual bodily harm, and stalking by Durham Crown Court.

He pushed his pregnant partner down the stairs, bit her, and exerted control over her eating habits and contact with friends.

Gair has been discharged from Cleveland Police following the conviction.

The victim’s mother testified in court that she saw numerous injuries on her daughter’s body.

Gair has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced next month.

Acting Superintendent John Bonner, Acting Head of the Cleveland Police Directorate of Standards and Ethics, praised the student officers who reported the abuse and stated that Gair had never been in contact with the public during his time in the police service.

The Crown Court Unit for CPS North East commended the victim’s bravery following the conviction.

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