Aristocratic Couple Deny Manslaughter Charges in Tragic Baby Death

Aristocratic Couple Deny Manslaughter Charges in Tragic Baby Death

Discover the latest updates in the tragic case of Constance Marten and Mark Gordon, charged with manslaughter following their newborn’s death. 

National Manhunt Unleashed

In an unfolding legal drama that captured the nation’s attention earlier this year, aristocrat Constance Marten, 36, and her partner Mark Gordon, 49, had been at the center of a massive manhunt. 

The extensive search was initiated in January after the couple mysteriously disappeared, leaving their car abandoned on a motorway in Bolton. 

Marten had been five months pregnant at the time of their disappearance.

Tragic Discovery

The search took a grim turn when the body of their newborn daughter, Victoria, was tragically discovered on an allotment in Brighton. 

Following this heartbreaking discovery, the couple was charged with several counts, including manslaughter. 

An earlier hearing revealed that the baby’s placenta was discovered in the abandoned vehicle alongside Marten’s passport.

Court Proceedings

Appearing before Judge Mark Lucraft at the Old Bailey, Marten and Gordon vehemently denied all charges against them. 

Amidst a cloud of grave allegations, they pleaded not guilty to five counts related to the tragic demise of their daughter. 

The charges included manslaughter by gross negligence, concealing the birth of a child, and perverting the course of justice.

Charge Details

The couple stands accused of gross negligence resulting in the manslaughter of their newborn between January 4 and February 27. 

They are also charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice by hiding the infant’s body, alongside charges of child cruelty and allowing the death of a child.

Parents Plead Not Guilty

In a courtroom filled with palpable tension, Gordon vocally pleaded “not guilty” in a clear and assertive tone. 

Marten also entered a plea of not guilty during the legal proceeding. 

The exhaustive search, led by the Metropolitan and Sussex Police, saw officers combing through 90 square miles in a desperate attempt to uncover the truth behind the couple’s disappearance and the subsequent tragic death of their baby.

A Plea for Return

During their disappearance, heartfelt pleas were made by Marten’s parents, accompanied by a £10,000 police reward offered for information that would help locate the couple. 

The mysterious case saw various sightings of the couple caught on CCTV before the police finally discovered the remains in March.

Upcoming Trial Dates

Marking a key moment in this harrowing legal saga, a trial has been scheduled for January 2, with an additional pre-trial hearing slated for December 8. 

Judge Lucraft maintained order during the hearing, sometimes requesting the defendants to refrain from speaking to each other during the ongoing legal procedures.

The case holds the nation’s attention as people anxiously await further developments in the tragic story of baby Victoria’s death.

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