Wilko Makes a Comeback Five New Stores Opening Before Christmas

Wilko Makes a Comeback: Five New Stores Opening Before Christmas

Revitalize your shopping experience as Wilko returns to the UK high street. Discover new stores, enjoy a curated range of home and garden products, and celebrate the brand’s resilient comeback before Christmas.

In an exciting turnaround, Wilko is set to reestablish its presence on the UK high street, with plans to inaugurate five new stores ahead of the festive Christmas season.

New Beginnings in Various Locations

The launch sequence will begin with two pioneering stores in Plymouth and Exeter, located in the heart of Devon. 

Following these openings, two additional stores will grace the South East, complemented by another establishment in North England. 

However, specific opening dates remain under wraps for now.

A Resurrection by The Range

This rejuvenating initiative was officially confirmed by CDS Superstores, which operates under the commercial name The Range. 

The confirmation arrives after Wilko’s unfortunate descent into administration earlier in August, a misfortune that led to the shutting down of over 400 stores.

Having been acquired by The Range for a substantial £5 million, Wilko’s name and intellectual property are poised for a resurrection. 

The Range has exhibited admirable rapidity, marking the relaunch of Wilko’s online website.

Expanding Horizons in 2024

An inspiring vision for expansion illuminates Wilko’s roadmap, with promising plans for additional stores to unfurl across the spectrum in 2024. 

A notable highlight in their strategic blueprint includes marking their inaugural presence in Northern Ireland.

Priority Employment for Ex-Wilko Employees

Embodying a spirit of loyalty and continuity, the company plans to give preferential employment opportunities to former Wilko staff members. 

Before its operational challenges, Wilko was a vibrant employment arena for approximately 12,500 dedicated workers.

A Flourishing Partnership with The Range

An emblem of partnership flourishes as The Range unveils its intention to feature Wilko-branded products prominently. 

The Range of products encompassing home, garden, pet, and lifestyle categories will be showcased across The Range’s expansive network of 210 stores.

A Tribute to Resilience and Community Integration

Expressing a reflective sentiment, Alex Simpkin, CEO of CDS Superstores, commended Wilko for its 93 years of meaningful contribution, emphasizing the brand’s significant impact on home and garden enthusiasts. 

The CEO conveyed a sense of optimistic enthusiasm, celebrating the integration of Wilko’s resilient team with The Range’s operational ecosystems and fostering a synergy aimed at rejuvenating local communities.


In conclusion, the anticipated return of Wilko symbolizes a rebirth marked by strategic expansions, collaborative synergies, and a revitalized commitment to serving communities with enhanced vigor and variety.

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