Family of 5 Struggles with Money as Living Costs Rise In UK

Family of 5 Struggles with Money as Living Costs Rise In UK

West Yorkshire, England: Paris Cambridge, a mother of three, worries about her family’s financial situation. 

She is 29 years old and lives with her husband Sam, who is 30, and their three children, aged five, eight, and 11. 

They are from SeacroftLeeds, and like many people in the UK, they are having a hard time because of the rising cost of living.

The family often has trouble with money, and they worry about what to do when they only have a little left. 

Paris says they sometimes have only £10 left when they need to pay a bill they did not expect.

Sam takes care of their oldest son, Mason, who has autism. He gets some money every week for doing this. 

However, even with that money, the family needs £370 from Universal Credit to help pay for food, energy, and medicine. 

So the cost of these things has gone up a lot.

Paris is not working right now because she quit her job as a care worker a few weeks ago. 

However, she will start a new job soon. 

She told LeedsLive about when they have little money left: 

“Sometimes, I turn around to my husband and say, ‘What are we going to do?’ However, he will say, ‘I do not know, we will find something or ‘We will sort something.'”

The family has few people to help them. Sam’s family has passed away, and Paris’s family lives far away. 

They try to do their best for their children and ensure they have a warm home and enough food.

Paris and Sam have tried to save money by canceling some things they do not need, choosing cheaper phone plans, and using less energy. 

However, it is still very hard for them and many other families in the UK as the cost of living rises.

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