Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns Amidst Investigation, Sparking Political Turmoil

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns Amidst Investigation, Sparking Political Turmoil

In a stunning turn of events, Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has abruptly resigned from his position as a member of parliament. 

This unexpected move comes as Johnson faces an investigation into his conduct, reigniting deep divisions within the ruling Conservative Party just months ahead of an anticipated general election.

The investigation, led by a parliamentary committee, has been examining whether Johnson misled the House of Commons regarding lockdown-breaking parties held at Downing Street during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Johnson received a confidential letter from the committee, prompting his furious protest against what he called a “kangaroo court” and a determined effort to end his political career.

Accusing the committee of launching a “political hit job,” Johnson released a statement decrying the lack of evidence to support the allegations against him. 

He asserted, “A small group of people is forcing me out with no evidence to support their assertions.”

The privileges committee, responsible for disciplinary actions against lawmakers, could recommend Johnson’s suspension from parliament. 

If the suspension exceeded ten days, voters in his constituency could demand a by-election to determine his continued representation.

While Johnson hinted at a potential return to politics in the future, this resignation marks a potential end to his 22-year political career. 

Johnson rose from parliament to mayor of London and played a crucial role in tipping the balance in favor of Brexit during the 2016 European Union referendum.

The former Prime Minister claimed that the investigation was part of a larger “witch hunt” seeking revenge for Brexit and aiming to reverse the referendum’s outcome. 

He stated: 

“My removal is the necessary first step, and I believe there has been a concerted attempt to bring it about.”

With most committee members being Conservatives, despite the investigation being chaired by a senior Labour Party lawmaker, tensions within the ruling party are expected to escalate further. The committee plans to conclude its inquiry and release its report soon.

Johnson’s resignation will trigger a by-election in his West London constituency. 

This comes as another blow to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, as Nadine Dorries, an ally of Johnson, also announced her departure earlier today.

Reacting to the news, Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, criticized the ongoing Tory drama, stating:

“The British public are tired of this never-ending soap opera unfolding at their expense.”

Boris Johnson’s tenure as Prime Minister, which began nearly four years ago, was marked by his commitment to delivering Brexit and navigating the challenges following the referendum. 

Despite concerns about his leadership style, Johnson secured support within his party and appealed to a wider electorate, leading to his victory in the December 2019 election.

However, controversies and a turbulent governing approach took a toll on his popularity among Conservative lawmakers and the general public. 

Recent opinion polls indicate a decline in Johnson’s standing.

In his resignation statement, Johnson also aimed Prime Minister Sunak, partly blaming him for the downfall of his government. 

The two have been in a feud since Sunak resigned as finance minister last summer in protest against Johnson’s leadership.

As the Conservative Party faces internal divisions and political uncertainty loom, the impact of Johnson’s resignation on the upcoming general election remains uncertain.

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