Kate Middleton and Prince William's New Year's Eve Plans Change

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s New Year’s Eve Plans Change

It was the night before New Year’s Eve, and Kate Middleton was looking forward to ringing in the new year with her fiancé, Prince William

The couple had been through a lot in the past year but were determined to start the new year off right. 

However, when Prince William called Kate on Boxing Day and told her that he had changed his plans, things turned out.

Kate was devastated and could not help but wonder if this meant their relationship’s future was in danger. 

According to royal author Katie Nicholl, Prince William promised Kate that he would spend New Year’s Eve with her, but he decided to stay with his family. 

Nicholl writes that Prince William had been having second thoughts about his relationship with Kate and had discussed them with his father and grandmother, who advised him not to hurry into anything.

The news of the couple’s split sent shockwaves through the royal family, even the Queen expressing disappointment. 

However, the split seemed short-lived as just weeks later, Prince William and Kate were spotted kissing at an army party in Bovington, Dorset.

As the new year approached, Kate and Prince William were seen at the concerts for Diana, held at Wembley to mark ten years since the death of Princess Diana. 

It was clear that their romance was back on, and before long, Kate moved into Prince William’s Clarence House flat. 

The couple spent cozy weekends together, and in 2010, they announced their engagement.

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